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Non-believer neighbors

The most rapidly growing segment in the survey involves those who say they have “no religion” or else identify as “atheist” or “agnostic” – a group that now represents 15% of the total. Though these irreligious Americans certainly constitute a force worth respecting (after all, consider all the recent bestsellers they’ve produced) they hardly amount to a separate, distinct culture: all the prominent atheist leaders and spokesmen say that non-believers remain largely indistinguishable from the faithful Christians next door, and they honor the same behavioral and communal norms (other than church attendance and Bible study, obviously) as their devout neighbors.

Above is a quick blurb from “No, America’s never been a multicultural society”. I just thought it was interesting to see noted that non-believers are not a separate and distinct culture in America. Plainly put, we are all Americans just like anyone else here.

I do believe this is a true assessment. We are not particularly special or different from any other citizen and that is why we are hard to spot unless you try to get us to pray or thank God for anything. Even then, we sometimes join in just so that the religious don’t know we don’t believe the same as them. We do honor the same behavioral and communal norms as our devout neighbors. We all share in the communal norms defined by the rule of law of this society by the people and for the people. We aren’t one nation, under God. I actually think Christian norms were influenced and defined by societal norms instead of the other way around. Fortunately societal norms evolve and hopefully improve over time, whereas a society truly based on Christian norms would still hold onto slavery as acceptable in keeping with the writings of the Bible.


I work Monday through Friday and put off some of the major chores until the weekend. When the weekend comes I just want to unwind and find some entertainment from life on Saturday and enjoy time with my family. Sunday is time to relax from work and play. However, work is never truly done because I catch up on major chores like yard work and laundry that need to be done before the week hits again and I’m at work again. Sunday also becomes a day of reflection while I’m home all day relaxing or doing some mindless chores.

It is because of this cycle that my Sunday is kind of my personal church day like when I was a Catholic. I might reread some of the writings I have collected here in the Agnostic library or surf the web for other interesting blogs or things to read. I think that maybe I should develop a habit of posting here on Sunday so that maybe my blog activity could become consistent. I could actually formulate a post during the week but hold it until Sunday so I don’t burn out on several rapid posts and then lose the motivation to post during a dry spell. I think it’d be a good idea to turn this into my own little bit of church for reflection and learning that I can share. It’s actually what I had intended for the blog so I can look back on my writings as my public diary, which is all that a blog really is.

Generation Y More Secular


from Pew Research Center

Thankfully, secularism is on the rise and hopefully more and more people will think for themselves instead of blindly following a religious leader’s teachings and some outdated texts of our ancestors. I don’t mind religions that generally leave people alone, but unfortunately most religions want to control people and their actions. Granted, they usually want good things for everyone but they can definitely go too far in trying to make everyone conform to a limited definition of what constitutes a good life.

I’m part of Generation X and we’re 14% secular (atheist, agnostic, or non-religious). It is an increase from the 5% and 11% of the previous generations. Generation Y is coming on strong with 19%. This brings our total secularism up to 12% from the 8% of 20 years ago. I think as humanity in general grows smarter and wiser it becomes inevitable that more and more of each generation rejects the old superstitions and antiquated viewpoints of our distant ancestors. Just as the gods of Olympus have passed away into myth, maybe one day the religions of today may finally move back into the realm of fiction from where it came.

Free Thought Radio

“The #1 Internet Radio Station for Freethinkers, Skeptics, Humanists, Liberals, Brights, Universists, Religion Critics and Historians, Atheists, Conservative Atheists, Agnostics, and Naturalists.”

Free Thought Radio :: Blog

Christian media has long become a growing force in this country. It speaks to their beliefs and gives them news and information concerning their faith. But what about us?

Well, I’ve discovered an excellent professional sounding 24 hour internet radio station called Free Thought Radio. You can find it at or just click on the logo on the main page here. What I’ve heard so far is entertaining and informative. If you hear any religious preaching, it’s only because it’s from a wacky fundamentalist for the humor value of it.

I wanted to share this rare gem of work with anyone that reads this and I would recommend you check it out. I know I am right now and I’m enjoying it.