10 Year Anniversary

10 years ago I started this blog with this post:

Well, I’ve started a new website. There are several Agnostic websites and resources already available on the Internet, but none of them totally feel like home. Also, none of them contain the content that I feel presents my beliefs 100% accurately. So I’ve decided to make an Agnostic site and here it is.

I’ve put up a few quick things to start it up. The FAQ only has 3 questions and answers, so that is definitely a work in progress. The Library only has what I’ve written as my Agnostic Bible and it will be a continuous work in progress for a good while to come. Finally, I installed this blog program real quick. I haven’t even figured out how to change the links on it yet. Like I said, it’s a definite work in progress.

I plan on spouting off in this blog from time to time about such things as this category, which is about the site itself. I’ll also post my musings about other topics in whatever categories I need to add. So check back in from time to time and there should be at least a little something fresh here.

This site is just one person’s hobby. I’m most proud of providing the Library page. I haven’t seen a good collection of agnostic writings anywhere else so it’s a good reason to keep this site up. I’m also proud of the Answers/FAQ page which hopefully 10yearsserves as an honest primer of agnosticism based on Huxley’s development of the term. It includes some good answers to various questions from Bertrand Russell. People try to steer the meaning of agnosticism in various directions so I like going back to the original intent. The original intent is to acknowledge the limits of human knowledge and our ability to understand our origins. I’m not sure there’s another agnostic website out there trying to showcase the founders of this agnostic viewpoint.

The blog part of this doesn’t get much readership and few comments, but I honestly write these posts for myself and don’t care how many or few people read them. I do thank everyone coming by and commenting since many of you get me thinking a little more. This blog is a way for me to talk out loud in a personal discussion of my viewpoints. Throwing it out there for the world to see makes me think a little more critically with some much needed structure. I know I ramble here and it’s just how I think sometimes.

I mentioned an Agnostic Bible in my first post. Agnostic.org is a parked domain now but it was a site with content and a posted “bible” of agnostic beliefs. I liked the idea of having my own reference book and started writing my own since their bible wasn’t a good read to me. After a while I took mine off this site because I didn’t like the idea of it being a bible. I’ve continued hacking at a body of text I’m now calling an agnostic guide. It’s built from bits and pieces of this blog as I try to mold my thoughts into a coherent ebook. Maybe I’ll publish it someday or it might just die off as my own personal guide.

I know I don’t post here often but I also don’t see a reason for completely stopping this either. Maybe I’m more apathetic than The Universal Church Triumphant of the Apathetic Agnostic. Check them out for more frequent agnosticism. Otherwise, check back here every now and then to possibly see something… or not!

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