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There’s a new website being built by an Agnostic called The Nurtured Agnostic. Check it out for it’s quick little overviews of beliefs and keep an eye on it for contributing to the agnostic dialog and our collective exploration of truth.

The author claims to be an agnostic deist so there are already a few beliefs there that go beyond the bounds of primary agnosticism. I always find religious people cherry-picking what they believe with their faith so I shouldn’t be surprised to find agnostics selectively adding faith-based beliefs to their acknowledgement of the limits of human knowledge. The Nurtured Agnostic believes in Near Death Experiences and Reincarnation.

Well, what do we actually know about Near Death Experiences (NDEs)? The first thing I imagine is that a Near Anything Experience isn’t an achievement of that state. Could I feel almost like a vapor or a vampire? I wouldn’t be a full vapor that pulled myself back into a human form like Dracula or become the actual bloodsucking undead just because I almost feel like it.

What about an out of body experience? I’ve woken up feeling like I fell back into myself but the feeling in my body doesn’t prove anything happened outside of it. We often take something we don’t understand and project something we know over it. My brain can throw the sensation of falling over some odd feeling in my body or my mind I was having as I slept and dreamed. I do know that dreams aren’t physical realities and NDEs could be something from a dream state.

The state of nearly being dead is the same state as still being alive with at least a partially functioning brain. Complete brain death is when our synapses are no longer firing. Electricity and chemicals in the brain no longer flow and the storm of consciousness and thoughts ceases to exist.

If the laws of thermodynamics are correct then the energy of our consciousness is returned to the universe. It doesn’t make sense to me that it retains any sort of cohesion when we die since it currently exists in a physical structure (the brain) and appears to require that structure to work. I honestly don’t know because I haven’t died yet. I imagine being near death is the slipping away of that cohesion while still having a hold on consciousness. A NDE could be the sense of self on the edge of losing cohesion, which should give us some interesting feelings about it once we snap back to a fully alive state.

NDEs, out of body experiences, and anything else that contributes to understanding the relationship of our consciousness with our physical bodies are good areas for scientific study. These things could really expose the truth of our existence and relationship to the natural universe so they shouldn’t just be dismissed as unbelievable. They could help prove or disprove what some consider to be in the realm of the supernatural that just may be parts of the natural universe we don’t understand.

We don’t truly know what happens after we die and return our materials and energy back to the universe. That leads me to believe that reincarnation is unknown since it’s based on knowing we retain something of ourselves when we die. I can’t say that it’s disproved even if I personally consider it unlikely. If we die and the energy of our consciousness can maintain some cohesion of self, then what remains of that consciousness could be reused in another form. It’s a weak house of cards to build a belief on. There’s a lot there that’s well beyond human understanding and isn’t something we can turn into a verifiable truth. It’s not worth stating a definite belief for it even though we should remain open-minded about the possibilities in that area.Welcome Back mat to Reincarnation Studies Center

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  1. Wow, hi! I’m the author/owner of The Nurtured Agnostic, and I want to thank you personally for the plug! You are correct, it’s in the process of being built. I will add some links and more info on NDEs and Reincarnation. Just wanted to say thanks, and I’ll reciprocate!

  2. There has been one who returned to us from the dead and was witnessed by over 500 people. That would be Jesus Christ! He told us often about heaven and the afterlife. I will listen to Him since He is the only One that has the credibility to speak on the subject. Receive Him as Savior and Lord and you will know God’s peace and forgiveness and promise of eternal life. God Bless

  3. Thanks, Jeff. I like the recommendation to someone who wants to have an intelligent conversation, instead of someone jealous of someone stealing their thunder. This not a internet diary to immortalize your arrogant opinions. This issue is about the role of religion in the affairs of humans. And sane thinkers know that religion is the poison in the mix. Not your imagined freedom to choose (ridiculous article). As arrogant as you are, you are a piece of the puzzle that is the last sane voice of humanity. Go ahead delete it, you prima donna. You have already become part of the problem.


  4. Good morning, people here. I just saw this comment by NL (above), and I don’t know if he’s talking to me or not. You want me to delete my site?

    I don’t understand. TheNurtureAgnostic

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