I Fell From The Sky

I sometimes joke that I wasn’t born and that I mysteriously fell from the sky one day. It’s a bit of a play on the tall tales like the stork bringing babies or finding them in cabbage patches. I sometimes tell my children that they also fell from the sky and I think I do that because it makes it sound like they’re more unique than a simple combination of me and their mother. However, they definitely have characteristics and traits of us in them that let me know they are clearly a product of our physical human bodies. They don’t have their own spark of life and humanity that is completely separate and apart from us. If I were to imagine that the essence of our being was something supernatural like a soul then I would imagine they wouldn’t adhere to a physical ancestry like I see in my family.

I have to rely on the universe around me for any clues it may reveal concerning the truth in what my fellow humans tell me. I’m told by some people that we have an eternal soul, but then our personalities appear to be dependent on our genetics. Our individual creations are physical and the idea of our souls always existing doesn’t match what I’ve experienced. I can’t take any stories from my ancestors as an unquestionable truth just as everyone that comes after me shouldn’t take my words as an absolute truth regardless of how many or how few people concur with any of it at the time. Eventually the real knowledge may be found and believed for what it is.

One thought on “I Fell From The Sky

  1. Ah! The afterlife. Like every other living thing from fungus to virus, humans possess a survival instinct. Otherwise, evolution would have left them behind. But, human perception and reasoning skill provide a new label and framework for the same mechanism, only we call it, “fear of death.”
    And what you describe about your family is the core mechanism of evolution, that traits of parents are passed on to children. But those who argue there is a soul believe what you are, regardless of origin is preserved forever.
    So let’s examine that. Many humans believe that since we are the most intelligent species on the planet, that our destiny is separate. Hubris!! Bats can see with their ears, we cannot, do they have an afterlife? Fish don’t drown in water, they do something we cannot, do they have an afterlife? Some frogs can change their gender in order to reproduce, we cannot, so do they get an afterlife. If so, how many sextillian souls occupy heaven?
    The simple truth is that the afterlife is a weapon invented by religion to enslave the primal fears of ordinary people. You can pass the spark of life to the next generation, but, that is the only immortality you will ever own.

    Norman Lycan

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