A Christian Nation?

Politics are in the air due the presidential election.  It’s important to remind both of our major (and generally frustrating and useless) political parties in the United States that this isn’t a Christian nation. Here’s an older but still a very good video on the subject.

2 thoughts on “A Christian Nation?

  1. Well, the video was a really great argument that the founding fathers were intent that religion would not play a role in government. Understandable, since the original colonists were refugees from Henry the VIII’s invention of a new religion that allowed him to divorce his wife.
    The bad news is, that religious idiots have the same vote as a rational person. So it doesn’t matter what the founding father’s thought, they unleashed the stupidity of the American voter upon the future of their dream. A person who believes that Jesus was resurrected, and spent the three days of his death preaching to a volcano worshipping, virgin sacrificing society, and his teachings were hidden away until they were reveiled to Joseph Smith who used a secret decoder ring to illuminate its secrets, then destroyed all evidence. This is Mitt Romney, he who would sit in the most powerful position on the planet. You must appreciate the irony. Democracy does not work because it allow nematodes to vote. I live in a red state, and my vote doesn’t even count. While the video makes valid points, it doesn’t matter, human stupidity seems to always win.


  2. It always amazes me the ultimate irony in Bible believers that claim this is a Judeo-Christian nation that’s founded on freedom of religion and freedom of speech when those rights are in clear contradiction with the first commandment to “not have another god” because their god is apparently jealous of all of the other imagined deities.

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