I’m a Rebellious Son

Sins are defined as a violation of God’s will. I’m a rebellious son for not keeping the Christian faith of my parents and for continuously rejecting their beliefs. Sometimes I do drink and engage in gluttonous behaviors. Therefore, I would be stoned to death as a sinner and rebellious son if our laws were based on the Bible. I’m in clear violation of God’s will defined by Deuteronomy 21:18-21. What if our lawmakers actually took the Bible literally including passages like these? It’s not hard to imagine this type of nonsense when one actually presents himself as a true believer in a morality defined by the ravings of our primitive ancestors.

Read the Huffington Post article: Charlie Fuqua, Arkansas Legislative Candidate, Endorses Death Penalty For Rebellious Children In Book

I sent my mom this article and her only reply to it so far is “I don’t think so…” I should hope she actually knows this aspect of God’s will should be ignored even if she believes in God. I’m really glad my parents didn’t think like Mr. Fuqua when I was a child. I may not have been stoned because they tell me I wasn’t a bad kid, but what about my brother or my sister? They were rebellious children and maybe they would have been stoned to death. Well, maybe not my sister since apparently the Bible only wants to kill sons for this crime against their parents.

God’s will is supposed to be the eternal definition of absolute morality. If a believer asks me to stone their rebellious son to death to “purge the evil from among you” then I will be sinful yet again when I refuse to participate in such nonsense. I can’t imagine applying this rule to my own children. I’m glad very few people define their morality with the Bible even though believers claim they do. Some of them also claim our country’s laws trace back directly to the “wisdom” of those crazy ancestors of ours. Read every word of the Bible if you think it is full of nothing but wisdom. I have read it and that’s why I no longer believe in it.

I assume my mom’s next reply to my email is that she doesn’t follow the old laws of the Old Testament as a Christian. She’s given me that advice before. However, if you believe that God’s will is the eternal definition of absolute morality then either it’s not eternal or it’s not absolute.

If God changes his will over our passage of time then how do I know that somebody else’s writing today aren’t superseding the written word of the Bible? Maybe the ravings of some random agnostic such as myself is now the current communication of God’s will. The Bible is an old snapshot in time so we should be looking for the latest version of God’s will if it isn’t eternal.

If God’s will isn’t an absolute standard of morality and it is actually subjective, then what does that say about a morality defined by God’s will? If it is subjective then we are left to define morality based on the situation at hand. There is no purpose or requirement for the existence of God’s will to define morality for us. Human standards of morality are a more expansive and useful set of standards that are adaptable for the modern world. The passage of time and continued evolution of human societies continue to expose the Bible and all other religious teachings as simply the ancient fictions of our primitive ancestors based on their views of the world. I don’t want to live my life based on primitive views.

The answers we’re looking for can’t be found with our ancestors. They’re not better than us at understanding the universe we live in. The universe has yet to reveal to us the true first cause and origin of our existence. Currently, unknown IS the answer. Unknown may always be the answer for us simple humans. We need to just live together as humans instead of fighting each other over what we imagine to be the answers to these potentially unanswerable questions and dreams of an eternal existence and power for ourselves that is merely an illusion born out of our fear of death.

It is because of this belief in our lack of knowledge and my faith in the real truth about it all that reveals itself to me in agnosticism that I’m a rebellious son. Sorry, it just doesn’t feel right in the core of my being to believe in any of the gods my fellow humans try to sell me. I’m an agnostic and the one thing I’m sure of is that we don’t know.

2 thoughts on “I’m a Rebellious Son

  1. Well, Jeff, long before Jesus nearly reinvented Judaism, was the god of Moses. He was an angry god, and a jeolous god, emotional instabilities, yet he created a perfect universe where all his perfect creations could live forever in happiness. But, one of his perfect creations (Satan) made a decision out of vanity, (an imperfection) and decided to lie (a sin) to Eve that god had misled her that perception of good and evil was being withheld by god. Or was it a lie, because once the humans had eaten the forbidden fruit, look what god said:

    New International Version (©1984)
    And the LORD God said, “The man has now become like one of us, knowing good and evil. He must not be allowed to reach out his hand and take also from the tree of life and eat, and live forever.”

    Seems to me that the perfect sinner, “Satan” was the only one telling the truth. By god’s confession, he was hiding from humans what he hid from none of his other creation. So if sin infects humans, so we must die, why does not sin infect the angels who commit sins, and those who concieve of it, understand what it is, like those who god was talking to in the cited verse. Basically, if you understand sin, you cannot share immortality. Yet the angels do not die.
    While religion is ludicrous, your subject of defiant children is very relevent. I have ADHD with comorbid Oppositional Defiant Disorder. I had it before they had a name for it. I put my fundamentalist christian parents through hell, but, in my lifetime, I spent 24 hours in jail because I would not give a dime of child support until I was allowed to see my children. Some idiots might have considered me a “bad boy” in need of a lesson. But, now, I’m a bad old man, whose eyes are open. I could say something like, “I hate religion” and in a big way it would be true. But, in a bigger way, I hate how absolutely ignorant and stupid humans are. We are so brilliant we can put a probe on Mars, but we lack the intellect to deduce that religion is bullshit. How ironic is that?


  2. Well, Jeff,
    Too many nights coming to my keyboard waiting to hear from my brother in freethought. It was rewarding to find a person who views the universe as I do, but, it’s disappointing at the same time that after you stated we agree on many issues, and that these issues are key to human survival, that you think this is a hobby. It’s your site, your rules.
    I find myself bored. Posts in an echo chamber. At least when I post on an atheist site, I get a response that I can crush with simple logic. Its hard to debate with nothing.


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