Darth Vader is My Savior

This is how religions get started from fiction. Take a fiction, argue about it, get entrenched with others that share your viewpoint, and continue to spread your view.  Defense of firmly held viewpoints about that fiction increases your faith and strengthens your viewpoints…

2 thoughts on “Darth Vader is My Savior

  1. Hi, Jeff,
    I was here last night, two times, I started a post, then , encountered a distraction. One started with the fact that your weblink wasn’t working. I see you have that fixed.
    We have touched on this before. How easy it would be to invent a new religion. L. Ron Hubbard, a science fiction writer, did it. Aliens dumped cursed souls into a volcano on earth. Tom Cruise, John Travolta, Isaac Hayes, and Nancy Cartwright, the voice of Bart Simpson, all victims of this ridiculous brainwash, while simultaneously being gifted comedians and dramatic actors.
    Marshall Applewhite convinced his followers that aliens had come to save the human race. At the last minute, he decided that the alien ship had hidden behind comet Hale-Bopp. Those not wanting to miss their ride, killed themselves so the ship could collect their eternal souls.
    Jim Jones took an average congregation of christians in California to Guyana to create a paradise. Over nine hundred people died.
    Well, they would have died eventually anyway, and since they have given their minds to a wannabe god, the real crime, they wouldn’t likely have accomplished much in the advance of humanity. Except perhaps the children, but, you once asked me what legislation could be passed to rescue these children without becoming thought police. That’s the rub isn’t it? Save the children and become thought police, or let these assholes go about their business and watch these tragedies happen over and over again. Even if we become thought police, which alternative thought is law? Right?
    Every part of the world is up to its eyeballs in war, and most of it is religious interpretation. Even the Jews and the Muslims claim lineage from Abraham. It’s about which wannabe savior you choose, and the Sunni’s and Shiites are divided on which disciple of Muhammed inherited his god connection. It seems rather ridiculous to shoot either of them and present a common enemy, when you can save millions of dollars by leaving them alone, and they will kill each other. That may seem cold, but, there is nothing we can do to rescue these people from their religious brainwash. Any effort to do so is considered “blasphemy”. So, all that is left to do is let it play out to it’s final conclusion. When parents get tired of burying their children, and children get tired of burying their parents, they might consider that religion was the catalyst all along, then, people will still die, but at a ripe old age. What a concept!!

  2. Nice new format, crickets chirping, website with nothing to add. Just twitter snide remarks, and no chance to present an argument. Good luck with that, Jeff. Who am I to read a crystal ball. I lack training.


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