Examples of Belief

I’ve finally updated the examples of belief on the opening page of this website. I do actually plan to do more things regard agnosticism whenever I actually have some free time in life. The front page sat with the same examples showing agnostic as separate and distinct from atheist even though I’ve revised my stance. I agree that an agnostic for knowledge should logically have a weak atheist viewpoint regarding belief, so as an agnostic I am logically also a weak atheist.

This is reflected in the addition of Agnostic Theists to my example list. Agnosticism doesn’t change a theist’s religious beliefs at all if they add agnosticism to their belief system. Most believers already believe everything based on faith instead of knowledge. An agnostic Christian is still a Christian so the use of the word agnostic is superfluous.

The flip side of this is an atheist that is also an anti-theist claiming to have knowledge that no creator exists. Adding agnosticism to that “lack of a belief system” softens the viewpoint to atheism (lack of belief) without the anti-theism knowledge claim. Freethinker, agnostic, agnostic atheist, weak atheist, and even atheist (using the definition of the word) are all essentially the same terms to mean we don’t believe and we don’t know.

Examples of Belief

  • Theist: (Christian, Muslim, etc.): I know that God created the Universe and He rules over us. I know what He thinks and I know what He thinks you should do.

  • Agnostic Theist: (also known as Christian, Muslim, etc.): I believe God created the Universe and He rules over us. Even though I may not actually know what He thinks, I have faith enough to believe in a specific religion that defines what He thinks you should do.

  • Deist: God created the Universe, but he only gave us the laws of nature to rule over us and does not concern himself with us.

  • Atheist: The Universe doesn’t appear to have an unnatural origin and I don’t see or know of any gods or supernatural causes.

  • Agnostic Atheist (also known as Agnostic or Atheist): This Universe is a mystery and the origin of it is beyond human understanding. If there was a creator or first origin, as a being or thing, it is also beyond our understanding and experience in this physical universe.