Symphony of Science – The Big Beginning

I love the Symphony of Science auto-tune songs. Here’s a new one featuring Hawking, Sagan, Dawkins, Shears, and Tyson. It’s about the Big Bang and is great imagery with wonderful music and dialog turned into singing.

One thought on “Symphony of Science – The Big Beginning

  1. Great link!! I watched several of their videos. Good stuff.

    I believe in science. How can I not, in view of what we understand now as compared to our past ignorance where superstition flurished. But, sometimes, scientific theory becomes a religion of it’s own. I have seen documentaries on History Channel where the leading astrophysicists say, “Here’s what we know so far, that one billionth of a second after the big bang, the universe was the size of a sub atomic particle.” It would be different if they said, this is what we theorize. Prove it first before you use the word, “know”.

    And there’s a problem. Ask any chemist. They will tell you that you cannot make something out of nothing. You can release energy by separating chemical bonds, and you can use energy to bind molecules together. An unbreakable law. Yet, they would have us believe that this unimagineably enormous universe exploded out of nothing.

    Now, it occurs to me that if Einstein and friends are correct, that time and space did not exist before the big bang, then all events throughout an equivalent of an infinite past and future were occurring at the same moment. Then, the big bang was an inevitable breach of containment. And to plot a point in history when it happened is meaningless, because it happened at moment zero.

    On the other hand, it has occurred to me, that if there were a force, whose origin would complicate the debate, who had the ability to split zero? Astrophisicists agree that all other elements of the universe came from the collapse of hydrogen stars. Hydrogen is one proton positive, and one electron negative. Together they equal zero. Split zero enough times and a cloud of hydrogen reaches critical mass under it’s own weight. The chaos unleashed calms into inevitable places in the universe where life can thrive. It’s a mathematical proposal that the sum total of all matter and energy is zero.

    My real point is: I don’t know.


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