Auto-Tune Wave of Reason

I previously posted a great auto-tune of Carl Sagan and here’s a new one called Wave of Reason from Symphony of Science. It starts off with one of the orginal agnostics, Bertrand Russell. Below that is another one I like as well as the original auto-tune song that made me notice Symphony of Science. As much as a I like science and see it is a good source of answers, the emotional connection I feel for different music highlights the non-logical aspect of life that reminds me that science may never give me answers concerning things like joy and love. There is so much complexity to human existence that science and religion could never properly capture and explain in simple words. Why can’t people just admit that there is so much we do not know?

Here is We Are All Connected (ft. Sagan, Feynman, deGrasse Tyson & Bill Nye).

Here’s the Carl Sagan A Glorious Dawn song I previously posted that I absolutely love and is still the best one of these in my opinion.

3 thoughts on “Auto-Tune Wave of Reason

  1. Yep, I’m absolutely certain of the limits of my knowledge and believe the rest of humanity shares in my ignorance of things that might be outside of the natural universe. 🙂

    The main intent of such a positive assertion that “unknown is the answer” is to throw that out there as a default position of knowledge regarding the supernatural. It works for me. Anytime that I think I might agree with some idea or notion it’s good to remind myself that I don’t really know anything beyond my own experience and I should be careful where I apply my faith in the knowledge of others.

    For example: Big Bang? Cosmos may show echoes of events before Big Bang There must truly be so much more that is unknown about the universe in comparison to what we think we know. How did it all begin and is there a why to go with the how? I believe we don’t know. 🙂

  2. To me knowledge is a container it holds you but it denies you of freedom. If we knew every single thing would there still be a search for truth? Would we continue to strive as we do today? Its not the knowledge thats necessary its rather the motivation to obtain it

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