Santa and God – The Same Kind of Real

It’s that time of year again to have some fun with the kids and celebrate the secular aspects of an American Christmas. It’s also that time of year that I think about how Santa and God are the same kind of real. Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus and he’s the God of the Children! He’s like a God with training wheels.

Santa Claus has some disputed origins from Sinterklass that might even trace some of his current traits back to Odin. The stories of the miracles of Santa have expanded and spread throughout the world because they are a compelling message of the true power of Santa. Santa could be credited with childhood morality and the source of all good girls and boys. We would certainly have an entire population of juvenile delinquents without Santa watching over them and keeping them good, right? The only reason for childhood goodness and morality is because Santa commands it in order to receive the ultimate gift he could give the children. That gift is to grant the wishes of the children for toys or other presents through the greatest miracle I’ve ever personally witnessed. That miracle is that all of those presents are delivered on a single night to all of the true believers of Santa around the world. If you don’t believe then you usually have to settle for lesser gifts from your parents or other loved ones. Some kids never receive presents at all no matter how much they wish for Santa to bring them. Hopefully the US Marine Corp Toys for Tots program can help them through the work of generous people like you.

This time of year I see all of the signs of Santa Claus and his believers spreading the message of Santa to keep him alive and well in the minds and hearts of the people. He has representatives in every mall spreading his image and message of goodness in trade for gifts. He’s all over our culture and media and does so much good that there would be no reason to stop this belief from continuing. I’ve personally witnessed and taken part in the greatest miracle I’ve ever seen and would never spoil that for any little kid today even though my own children have outgrown this belief. It’s fun and harmless for elementary school kids and younger as they do experience the real miracle of Santa. The concept of Santa delivers even though Santa himself is not real and what Santa is based on could never do what the concept has been able to accomplish year after year.

But what would you do if your teenager or coworker professed a deeply held belief in Santa? It’s a harmless belief, right? Can you imagine a distraught coworker coming in after the holidays fearing that they’re a bad or evil person because Santa didn’t deliver a present to their solitary apartment? Can you imagine a happy coworker that says with all honesty that Santa brought them an iPod for Christmas because they got a gift from “Santa” written in the handwriting of one of their loved ones? Do you really think that kind of delusion is a good thing and would be comfortable telling that person to not do something you think is wrong because Santa is watching and might not bring them a present next year?

There are parallels between the reality of what is accomplished by the concept of Santa and the concept of God. The concept of Santa has some good and harmless effects on humanity as long as we grow up and see Santa for what it really is so we can keep the adult part of this concept harmless. The concept and how we all perpetuate it for the children makes it feel very real for them. But what if we didn’t grow up and we thought Santa was still real in adulthood and that he just needed us to help deliver his presents? How would we treat the unbelievers that wouldn’t give credit to Santa for some presents? The goodness of our children are in jeopardy if we let the unbelievers stop serving Santa!

What will Santa bring you this year on his own without any help? How can you be a good person without a belief in Santa Claus? Borrowing from the United Coalition of Reason, millions of Americans are good without Santa. Think about it.

Happy Holidays everyone!!!

Santa vs God

5 thoughts on “Santa and God – The Same Kind of Real

  1. interesting what counts is the idea not if he’s real or not. Its the idea that brings change. Its the action that generates inspiration.

  2. I believe there was a bad Santa as well, originally, and he brought harm to children who were not good. I cannot remember his name now. As Christians, our monotheistic faith has a good God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit and a bad God, Satan, so four Gods. However, as you indicate, in any other religion/mythology, Santa would also be considered a God, and so would the extinct bad Santa that accompanied him to visit terror on children who did not finish their broccoli. So, that is two more Gods, bringing the current tally to six. Of course, the first three Gods are really just one and the fourth one is just an angel, not a god, and the second two are myths, silly, so that leaves one single deity in Christianity. Other religions had the same number of beings with the same attributes, the same powers, and the same prestige, but they were just mythologies kept alive by the simple peoples of their day.

    Thank our sole God that we figured out exactly how it works and now have a system that makes sense.

    May Gods bless you,


  3. Satan was gods favorite angel originally if you read the bible you should know that he was a corrupt servant of god. Demons do not live in hell but are forever locked up in darkness also in the bible. I find funny how little Christians know about their own book. So its not your god thats bad, it is your religion, your ideas. You have to go through a journey to restart on what you learn. Learn not only from your religious text but from your own life. Samurai would often train or travel alone in solitude carrying no money fighting day to day to live before they served a master. I urge you to do the same develop your own style or idea. You might even call it your own version of your religion.

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