Virgin Mary Booty Call

Merry Christmas! This is the day Christians celebrate the fact that a married woman who had not yet had sex with her husband was impregnated by God through a Holy Ghost. It sounds like rape to me and if I were Joseph I’d be furious if Mary claimed she was impregnated by God.

Merry Yule! That’s for those of us that don’t believe such an odd story passed down from our more primitive ancestors.

A Holiday Message From Ricky Gervais

I love the British version of The Office and I think Ricky Gervais has always been outstanding. Now I know why I really like him as a person. Here’s some excellent holiday reading for you all:
A Holiday Message From Ricky Gervais: Why I’m an Atheist

Along with the excellent follow-up:
Does God Exist? Ricky Gervais Takes Your Questions

The fact that science can say “we don’t know” is exactly my point. Science doesn’t start with a set of convenient conclusions and try to justify them. It follows evidence. In fact, it tries to prove itself wrong. When it can’t, it’s right. Superstition, religion and blind faith cherry pick the evidence and justify the results by changing the goal posts. There are no cover-ups in science. For better or worse it finds stuff out. It has no moral code as such. It leaves those decisions to society. It discovers life saving drugs but leaves it up to you whether to use them or not. It discovers that splitting the atom can release a massive amount of energy very quickly and leaves it up to governments to try it out or not. It finds out what and how and why. It asks can we? Not should we? This is why it baffles me that some god fearers believe that without a god there is no reason to be good. Really?

If you don’t know what made the universe it seems pointless to say a God must have made it then. You have to then say “But what made God?” If you are then willing to say that God was always around, you may as well say that the universe was too. Saves time doesn’t it? How long did he wait till he made the universe by the way? And where was he? Did it turn out just like he planned? If he had to make another one would he do it any different? Where would he put it?

Since there is nothing to know about god, a comedian knows as much about god as any one else. An atheist however is alone in knowing that there is nothing to know so probably has the edge. An Atheist comedian can make people laugh about belief or lack of it. A good atheist comedian can make people laugh AND think about belief or lack of it. An agnostic would say that since you can neither prove the existence nor the non-existence of God then the only answer to the question “Is there a God?” is “I don’t know.” Basically they are saying just because you haven’t found something yet doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Well firstly we have to know what definition of God we are asking about. Many can be dismissed as logical impossibilities. In the same way that if you were asked can you imagine a square circle the answer is of course “No.” Let’s give them the benefit of the doubt. Let’s just say there is a definition of a God that is possible. Does he exist? “I don’t know” in this case is indeed the correct answer. However this must also be the answer to many other questions. Is there an elephant up your a—? Even if you’ve looked you can’t say “no.” It could be that you just haven’t found it yet. Please look again and this time really believe there is an elephant up there because however mad it sounds no one can prove that you don’t have a lovely big African elephant up your a—.

Peace to all mankind. Christian, Jew, Muslim and Atheist.

What about Agnostics?

Uhm?…I don’t know. Only joking. Yes even Agnostics.

Peace and goodwill to ALL mankind.

We love you Ricky! 🙂 Peace and goodwill to you too!

Auto-Tune Wave of Reason

I previously posted a great auto-tune of Carl Sagan and here’s a new one called Wave of Reason from Symphony of Science. It starts off with one of the orginal agnostics, Bertrand Russell. Below that is another one I like as well as the original auto-tune song that made me notice Symphony of Science. As much as a I like science and see it is a good source of answers, the emotional connection I feel for different music highlights the non-logical aspect of life that reminds me that science may never give me answers concerning things like joy and love. There is so much complexity to human existence that science and religion could never properly capture and explain in simple words. Why can’t people just admit that there is so much we do not know?

Here is We Are All Connected (ft. Sagan, Feynman, deGrasse Tyson & Bill Nye).

Here’s the Carl Sagan A Glorious Dawn song I previously posted that I absolutely love and is still the best one of these in my opinion.