Human Frailty

I’ve often looked at human physical frailty and weaknesses as another sign that we don’t really know what we’re talking about as far as a divine creation that created us in the perfect image of a creator. We just have too many single points of failure and oddities to our anatomy as a living organism for me to not believe there is definite support for the theories of evolution to explain our build from such a flawed original image. I think how it all got into motion and started as a first spark of life is beyond our understanding, but overall I think we’re a mess that just mutated and evolved into what you see today.

I now have a more personal feeling of frailty to help highlight these thoughts. I just got diagnosed with Bell’s palsy. It’s a sudden and odd thing that will most likely go away in a few months but it does make me feel a little helpless and frustrated. It doesn’t even look like much of a visibly noticable problem to others, but not being able to blink one eye and losing control of one side of my mouth is tiring and troublesome.

Today at work a person said “it kind of makes you wonder ‘why me?’ doesn’t it?” No, it didn’t. I said I know why it happened to me. It’s just a random thing in a random universe. A certain sequence of events that doctors don’t apparently fully understand happened and now I have this facial paralysis that others have had and will have in the future unless doctor’s can figure out a quick cure or correction to this one like they have for many other physical ailments.

The human ability to overcome our environment is the real answer for such problems. I have old friends on Facebook that say they’re praying for me because that’s what they believe and do. We could go down all of the thought processes that if there was a god then he created Bell’s palsy or allows it to happen at least so such a god probably wouldn’t do anything about this. I find it to be such a laugh that some might even think it’s a punishment for me. My life’s been pretty great so far even with this minor medical issue. I don’t feel punished at all.

No, the real answer to any situation like this will be for doctor’s to continue to figure out something better to do about our frail bodies. If we stayed in the dark ages and tried to pray away all of our ills then any number of plagues or other issues would be wiping out humanity today. A simple thing like CPR doesn’t come from a god or a bible. Fortunately we have people that know in their hearts that prayers won’t do anything for us so we have to heal ourselves. It’s just too bad one of these pills they’ve given me hasn’t let me wake up the next day with restored functionality of my face. Oh well, that’s life and a byproduct of our mysterious existence in the universe.

I’ve read that some people when faced with severe medical issues will turn to religion for comfort. I can’t pretend Bell’s palsy is anything more than a minor deal, and it really is compared to anything else that could go wrong, but even with this I don’t understand how religion provides anything more than questions starting with my coworker’s simple “Why me?” Why am I made to suffer? Why won’t my god help me when I ask? Why does this problem even exist? What is the purpose of this?

Thanks, but I already have my answers and it is because I’m Agnostic I know that many things just happen randomly as a part of existence. I know that if there are any higher reasons to any of this then it is beyond our understanding. If you believe in a religion and think everything has a purpose, then look at what this has done for me. It caused me to once again write something critical of what you believe and reenforced my own beliefs enough to share this viewpoint with others. What if it’s all a part of the universe’s plan to prompt me into action to spread the real truth about reality? Religions are human fiction, it’s all beyond our understanding, and you don’t really know. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Human Frailty

  1. Jeff,
    I just stumbled across your blog and found it very interesting yet uninformed of the things of God. When referring to the "perfect image" of our Creator. Scripture is referring to the mind, will and emotions. It has nothing to do with physical frailty or weakness. I am sorry for your recent diagnosis, and you are in my prayers (as well). The "divine creation" that you refer to has been corrupted. I encourage you to read Genesis chapters 1-11. We live in a fallen world. That is the real answer. That may not bring comfort, but that it not why I am writing. It is never comforting submitting to something (the Word of God) that is contrary to your very nature.
    In regards to purpose, those cells that are not working properly had a purpose. Your body is made up of a trillion cells with a purpose, and if they do not do what they are designed to do, then we have a disease or something else that is unfortunate. Sickness and disease is never a cause to reject the existance of God. Instead it should highlight the fall of creation and our need for a Savior.

  2. Hey Jeff,

    Been looking in to your blog for a little while now, but this entry made me want to make contact. I want to say thanks for your resilience and your maturity in addressing this recent event in your life.

    I’ve been slowly getting to this idea in my own head that religion, in all its forms, is simply an attempt to address that which we cannot control in our lives. And if that’s the case, embracing, or more to the point, truly understanding the random nature of things in life is so important. If only the deeply religious could come to such understandings, eh?

    My girlfriend was diagnosed with MS just a few years ago. And emotionally, it’s been a rough time for her. The "why me?" questions have come up several times, but not once has she felt like submitting to something that might ‘make it all better’. It’s not necessary, understanding is necessary. And, to be fair, I don’t pretend to have a full grasp of what she is going through. But I can be there with her regardless of that, and regardless of the situation. Sickness and disease doesn’t have to be a case to seek out some greater being either.

    See you again soon.

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