Sinners are the Exception

The last part of the question I responded to in my last post that I should touch on was: You may not “believe” we are sinners, but if that is in fact true, how do you explain the existence of illicit, immoral behavior in a species that is otherwise, as you say, “inherently good”?

I believe “sinners” and everyone’s evil ways are generally the exception and not the rule. We are not 100% good, but I do believe we are mostly good. Christians tend to believe that we couldn’t have a decent and civil society without a deity that keeps us in line. Some actually believe it is the word of god that created our system of government and laws. That doesn’t explain tribes of humans that came before Christianity that seemed to have done fine without Christianity or any other monotheistic religion. The Bible has no mention of democracy or any hint that the will of the people has any place under the will of God. Native Americans worshipping their ancestors and gods of nature were not lawless savages lacking ethics or the basics of morality. There are many other groups of humans of the past and present that have done just fine without that particular deity in their lives. Humanity was able to establish rules and laws to develop peaceful tribes that grew into larger societies and countries without the benefit of the “almighty” word of the Christian God.

If we were truly all sinners and our basic instinct was evil, then the claim that the Christian God is the only way to overcome this would mean that 2/3 of the planet would be destroying itself at this very moment. Do you really think that the Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Atheists, etc. are all destroying themselves because they are evil sinners without the right God to guide them? Some radicals may make the news, but they are a select few out of the billions that make up a non-Christian world majority that are doing just fine. The Christians tend to overlook their own radicals and mentally unstable people that head to a church and kill a few random people. I could easily link to many stories about that, but it doesn’t mean all Christians are evil sinners that will head to their church with a gun.

The point I’m trying to make is that for any Christian that continues to try to tell me that we are all really a bunch of evil sinners that need God to be good I have to say I just don’t buy it given what we’ve become as a human race. If we were evil creatures then the world would be a terrible place as most of us are unable or unwilling to overcome such a basic instinct and common trait. The 1/3 of the world that is Christian would be the only civilized society having to protect themselves from the complete evil that surrounds them if you really believe that were to be true. Get out and see the world and you will see that this just isn’t the real face of humanity. Overall, humanity is good.