Agnostic puts Bible to the test

You may have heard of the person that tried to literally live following all Biblical rules for a year. You can read about his adventure here: Agnostic puts Bible to the test – literally

You can read through the article for yourself to see some of the odd rules pulled directly from the Bible that yielded 72 pages of how exactly to conduct yourself on Earth. He started and ended the year as an Agnostic. He concluded that “In the end, he said, he believes every person of faith picks and chooses what to follow in ‘cafeteria’ style, whether they are aware of it or not, and that there’s nothing wrong with it.” I whole-heartedly disagree. If something as important as creation and religion is true then it would not be just fine for people to pick and choose from their God’s directions. You’re either in the program or you’re not.

He concluded with this observation:

‘A lot of them made a lasting impact, actually,’ Mr. Jacobs said. ‘One was certainly gratitude. I said all these prayers of thanksgiving, and when you start to say them, you start to realize the hundreds of little things that go right every day instead of focusing on the three or four that go wrong. … I still say prayers of thanksgiving.’

He said he had too many doubts about some of the hot-button issues, including Bible references to creationism and homosexuality, to shake his agnosticism. Yet he developed a new and deep respect for the Bible and religion, especially the teachings on love and compassion.

‘I’m still an agnostic, I’m not sure who I’m praying to. A friend called me a ‘reverent agnostic,’?’ Mr. Jacobs said. ‘Whether or not I believe there’s a God, I do believe in sacredness and sanctity and the importance of the sabbath and prayer and tradition, that all of these can be sacred.’

I believe in gratitude and thanks as well. However, a prayer of thanksgiving to the unknown or the universe is kind of silly. When something goes right and I can identify the actual cause then I’d rather thank the person that contributed or reflect on what I’ve done to make it right so hopefully I can continue the trend.

I believe in the sacredness, sanctity and importance of our lives. The sabbath as just a day of the week, hope wrapped in the false clothing of prayer, and the primitive traditions of our superstitious ancestors are not sacred to me at all. Our lives and happiness are very important to me since this is the only life we appear to have. My reverence is reserved for the universe and life itself, where I actually do not see the fingerprints of one all-powerful super intelligent creator that was not itself created. (???) In fact, the “miracle” of it all is made petty and ridiculous in the light of the silly stories and rules of the Bible. It really doesn’t do our universe and our existence true justice. Once again, if the Bible God that is complicated and powerful enough to create the universe was not itself created, then why couldn’t the universe itself with its power and lack of intelligence exist without creation?