God’s Harvard

I recently read this article: God’s Harvard: The New Grooming Ground of the Evangelical Movement It’s another eye-opener to how some of the ultra-religious are actively working to change this country for the worse.

I believe everyone should believe what they want to believe. I don’t care how deeply religious other people are as long as they leave me alone to be Agnostic. I do give pause and become a little nervous about the future of this free country when I read about things like Patrick Henry College. They should be free to have the kind of education they want, but comments like this bother me:

The school would enlist the purest of born-again Christians in a war to “transform America” by training them to occupy the highest offices in the land.” Year after year, it would churn out future congressmen, governors, and federal judges, until they finally had the majority.

and this…

They are the “Joshua Generation,” as Farris likes to say, the first ones savvy enough to “take back the land.”

Take back the land from whom? Isn’t this a country by the people and for the people? Isn’t this the land of E Pluribus Unum – Out of Many, One? Oh wait, I forgot that back in the 1950s we started the transition to One Nation, Under God. Hopefully we never actually live up to that saying where it becomes the law of my country that I am damned to hell and who knows what rights I might lose just because I don’t believe in the gods of my fellow man.


I work Monday through Friday and put off some of the major chores until the weekend. When the weekend comes I just want to unwind and find some entertainment from life on Saturday and enjoy time with my family. Sunday is time to relax from work and play. However, work is never truly done because I catch up on major chores like yard work and laundry that need to be done before the week hits again and I’m at work again. Sunday also becomes a day of reflection while I’m home all day relaxing or doing some mindless chores.

It is because of this cycle that my Sunday is kind of my personal church day like when I was a Catholic. I might reread some of the writings I have collected here in the Agnostic library or surf the web for other interesting blogs or things to read. I think that maybe I should develop a habit of posting here on Sunday so that maybe my blog activity could become consistent. I could actually formulate a post during the week but hold it until Sunday so I don’t burn out on several rapid posts and then lose the motivation to post during a dry spell. I think it’d be a good idea to turn this into my own little bit of church for reflection and learning that I can share. It’s actually what I had intended for the blog so I can look back on my writings as my public diary, which is all that a blog really is.

Louis CK learns about the Catholic Church

It’s been a busy summer and like many other bloggers I have neglected posting in some time. Blogging is a habit. When you’re active you’re in the habit of doing it routinely and when that drops off your habit is to ignore it. Well, I came across a video because the audio was played on the Opie & Anthony radio show. It’s a very funny and absurd comedy clip about the Catholic Church from Louis CK. I love comedy and am a former Catholic, so I just find this hilarious.