Faith is Hope wrapped in Religion

There were some quotes about faith from a church bulletin and some questions over at The Atheist Mama blog. Here’s my take on the quotes…

“Faith is the art of holding on to things your reason has once accepted, in spite of your changing moods.” I believe this to mean that faith is the only thing that keeps you believing in something after the magic has worn off and you’ve seen the evidence of the magician’s trickery. Faith keeps you believing in that mirage in the summer haze that was just a trick on your eyes. Faith is what makes you think you can actually walk up to the end of rainbow, touch it, and have the colors wash over you. It may be pleasant or harmless ideas, but faith does not equal reality.

“Faith is both the substance of things that we hope for and the evidence of things yet to be realized.” I always say that prayer and faith are just hope wrapped in religion. Hope is good. Hope drives a person to action to achieve what they hope for. Prayer and faith puts your hope in a god’s hand that delivers with the same reliability as chance. Faith is not about what is real now or what we have evidence of from the past. That is why the quote tells us faith is all about that feeling of hope and what is yet to be realized. It’s a trick to get us to think that when we get what we hope for that it is a god that gave us that when it is the work of humans or chance that has ultimately delivered.

It’s these tricks of remolding hope into faith that keeps believers believing. We just have to remember that hope is real and natural and it is only us that can do anything about it… like building dollhouses for our daughters. 🙂 “Keep the faith” is the same as “keep your hope alive” for nonbelievers.

I “hope” some day everyone else will wake up from the fantasy and quit trying to live their lives for a mythology and instead live it for family and society. Maybe then we can work on our hopes and dreams together without waiting for gods to deliver…

2 thoughts on “Faith is Hope wrapped in Religion

  1. hope:To wish for something with expectation of its fulfillment.
    2. Archaic To have confidence; trust.
    1. To look forward to with confidence or expectation: We hope that our children will be successful.
    2. To expect and desire.

    faith is about believing in something and knowing that it will come to pass…you read the scripture wrong..try a different version of the verse if you get caught with how its done in another…

    Your hopes and dreams of a one world peace will never come to pass…but i guess its good to have faith in something…

  2. You are right about Hope and Faith being tied in together. They are closely related and compliment each other. I would say though that we can understand faith a litter better. You talked about building a dollhouse. I would say that you daughter has not only hope but faith in you that the dollhouse will get built. She believe in you to get it done. She has faith that you will protect her. Hope is something that is looked forward to, something that is not yet happened. Faith is believing because of the evidence already around us. I agree that the two play together but would argue that they are still separate. Faith is don’t something that should be thrown out but something that should be embraced. What is the difference between hoping in God and having Faith in him, I would say that faith shows the certainty of belief, Faith is knowing that God will come through.

    Good topic… it make me think…

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