Nonbelief Action Versus Prayer

Any change in the world is brought about by real action by real people. We obviously fight against the powers of nature and the chaos of the universe, but fight we must if we want anything outside of the status quo. Prayer and hope alone do nothing to change our circumstances.

If a person were wounded you could just watch and hope (or pray) they stop bleeding or you could take action and do something to help them. You can personally try to stop the bleeding and you can call for help. Society will step in and help where a supreme being does not.

Doctors have not always existed. Primitive man had no doctor to turn to that could heal the human body. Doctors developed out of a need of society to heal our wounded and sick. If prayer really worked, then we would have no need for doctors. If there was a God that really listened to us and intervened when asked, then we would have no need for police, firefighters, or any other profession that helps us and protects us from each other and the planet itself.

We have war because we collectively take no action to stop fighting with each other. We have famine because we do not do enough to feed everyone. We have any number of problems because we have not acted together for the good of society to overcome them.

Crime does not exist because everyone needs the same religion to guide them. It exists because some selfish people are not working for the good of society. There are plenty of religious criminals that pray they don?t get caught so they can provide for their families through their crime. The only answer to this is that society must take action to punish such behavior. Community-wide prayer will do nothing to reduce crime, but police in the community will work. Would you rather have prayer from the religious or police to protect you? Would you rather have a doctor heal you or prayers from a billion believers? Would you choose a society of Atheists with doctors, police, and other human intervention or a society of priests that would do nothing but pray for divine intervention?

One answer to those questions is that God works through people. That does not help you much if there are no people around to perform God?s work, which just shows us that it is only the people that matter in this whole scenario. It proves nothing about God?s divine intervention if humans are required to make it happen.

Nature takes action. The physical universe takes action. People can take action. Religion is only belief and hope in the power of prayer and a divine power that should be able to overcome everything else. I prefer to rely on the power of action. It is the only thing I’ve seen that has ever produced actual results.

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