The Atheist path to Agnosticism

I’ve read many times that people go from belief (theism) to not knowing (agnosticism) to a lack of belief (atheism). I took a different path that gives me my viewpoint that Agnosticism is the true final answer because it is the most honest answer. When I questioned my childhood belief and rejected it outright I considered myself an Atheist before I settled on the Agnostic label.

It was then that I truly explored my thinking of the Universe, life, and creation. I determined that atheism was too definite of a claim of belief. I am only a simple creature in existence that cannot say with certainity that supernatural forces do not exist. I have no explaination for how everything exists or why. The thing I am most certain of is that we do not know the answer to these questions.

This is not to say that a Christian God or any other gods might exist, because that notion itself is without merit to me since such ideas obviously came from my fellow humans. I most definitely do not find their existence likely at all, particularly since they were obviously defined in our image with human traits and faults. (Yes, they claim we were made in God’s image, but it was really the other way around)

I am willing to admit that something with intelligence could have created this existence. This creator could be something we might even label as god. I don’t believe such a creator makes any sense or that this is something we could ever truly experience or interact with as the simple creatures we are. However, since I have no knowledge of our ultimate creation anything is theoretically possible. An Atheist by definition should reject this notion and an Agnostic should not. But an Agnostic can easily reject that anyone has knowledge or valid belief in any definition of a creator since we believe that we do not know. How can you believe in an unknown?

In this end Agnosticism is a destination on the path of belief and spiritual knowledge. Unknown IS the answer.