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“This forum is closed. We host chats on Sundays at Universist.net”

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…and thus ends Universism. It’s an interesting idea of a religion of freethought so check it out if you want. It still exists even though they’ve closed down the online forum. Now the only way to meet other Universists will be to meet them in person. There’s the main problem: very few local Universist groups have been formed and chances are there is NOT one in your area.

I firmly believe shutting down the online forum is definitely a shot in the foot (and maybe the head) and this will stop Universism before it really has a chance to take hold. They may think a real world grassroots effort will make it flourish, but I think freethought grows best online and their movement will die away without that virtual connection.

Personally, I like the main idea of it and the few principles that make up Universism. It’s a religion for freethinkers that rejects dogma and faith and is much more appealing than Unitarian Universalism. But in the grand scheme of things, it isn’t actually necessary for me as an Agnostic.

I guess I will just remain an individual that has found my belief and will remain true to that idea. I don’t need Universism or the Universist Movement and am quite content with the religious philosophy and viewpoint that I’ve found: Agnosticism.

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