Agnostic Sermon for the New Year

I believe there can be an Agnostic sermon that delivers a message of belief just as any traditional religious sermon delivers a message of a belief. A traditional religion preaches that it knows about the Universe and how it came to be. However, Agnosticism would preach that we know very little about the Universe and that we have no idea how it came to be. So an Agnostic sermon would focus more on what we do not know than what we do know, because what we do know is so much less than what we could possibly ever hope to know.

I know that I came from my parents and that my children came from me (and my wife). This aspect of creation, this “miracle” of life is apparent to me because I’ve experienced it. Exactly how and why it is able to work as it does is still a mystery to me. How does the combination of 2 cells contain the blueprint to grow a unique individual such as my son or daughter? I can’t even begin to suggest that I could tell you. Sure, humanity understands more and more about what is going on in such a creation, but we do not know exactly how or why it all happens. I am just happy it does and am confident in knowing the limits of our knowledge.

How can anyone believe that we even have a remote clue as to how all of our known universe came to be? I think it is enormously foolish and unwise to claim any knowledge of such a complicated and important question as to the creation of everything, particularly since we don’t even possess the full knowledge of our own creations of more life that we witness each day.

Intelligent Design doesn’t even remotely answer such a question. Suggesting that just because something is complicated it must have an intelligent designer ignores the fact that the intelligent designer itself would be just as complex as the universe, if not more so, in order to have the power and capability to create such a thing as this universe. Religion uses the intelligent design argument which has always been the fool’s argument for God’s existence. “I could only have been created by something more complicated and powerful which would mean the same applies for my creator, my creator’s creator, my creator’s creator’s creator, etc.” At some point something complicated might just have to “be” on its own accord so why couldn’t that “it” be the unintelligent universe itself? It makes the most sense to me since I would think a messy thing like the universe would just exist by chance before an intelligent creator that would make a universe. However I am wise enough to say that I do not really know.

The Big Bang doesn’t answer a question of creation either. So what if there is scientific evidence that we can trace the universe back to a singularity. Such a thing would never answer how or why the singularity existed to begin with and what caused it to expand into a universe that contains us. Seeing a road leading to a point on the horizon doesn’t mean you definitely know where that road starts and how the heck it got there to begin with.

All of this discussion so far is to hopefully make you understand what I’ve come to understand. I understand that there is so very little about the universe that I can say I truly know. I do not have the answers. I think the questions are so big and complicated and beyond our understanding that we may be too simple of an intelligence to ever truly “get it.” I really believe that in the grand scheme of things, humanity is stupid.

Can the simple insect or microorganism understand us and our existence? Can such creatures even relate to us in such a way that we could communicate with them or them with us? What makes us think we could ever know the concept (whether it be a being or beings, a force, or otherwise) that caused the universe to be? How stupid and arrogant would we have to be to say we know what did or did not create the universe?

So now that I attack every notion of understanding that any other religion tries to build up, what are us poor humans left with? Simple: each other. Family and society are all we have for our answers and who we can look to in our time of need. They define right and wrong. They give us our ethics and morality. If you came into the world alone you would be left to define everything for yourself, but since you were born among humans you must live and deal with humans.

We should all focus more on each other rather than worrying about how it all came to be. It might be nice to know more, but I’m not sure that we’ll ever know the answers because I’m not even sure we’re physically and mentally capable of it. I believe the only creator you should really know and care about is your parents and that you too may be a creator of humans as well.