APP.COM – Words not vital to U.S. pledge

I’m 58 years old and I pray, but if the words “under God” were removed from the pledge, I would not feel “affronted.” When I first went to school, those words were not in the pledge, and we believers were just fine. When I got a little older, I learned about the separation of church and state, and that was also fine. My parents and my church taught me religious devotion, while my school taught me good citizenship.

Today I feel more threatened by religious zealots and fundamentalists than I do by atheists. I’m afraid religious intolerance in America will become more of a problem over time, as more and more people come to believe that only their particular religious beliefs are the “right” ones and that everyone else should be silenced.

We don’t need atheists to “be silent.” We don’t need the words “under God” in the pledge. We don’t need the Ten Commandments displayed in courthouses. What we need is for parents to fill their roles as moral examples and for schools to promote learning, courtesy and tolerance. That is the American ideal.

APP.COM – Words not vital to U.S. pledge

Thank you, Mary Palmer! It is wonderful to read a religious person actually say that having “Under God” in the pledge isn’t necessary. I agree that churches are for religious devotion and schools are for good citizenship. Our children need to be taught that they are not tangled together in such a way that only the religious can be good citizens. We should all know that is not true, but I have a sad suspicion that not everyone shares my belief.

WorldNetDaily: ‘Under God’ under fire

America is experiencing a hostile takeover, an advancing conquest by abject secularists who believe ? and demand ? that our nation should be a religion-free zone that stifles all public religious expression. That movement experienced a surge this week when a San Francisco Federal District Court declared that the phrase “under God” in our nation’s Pledge of Allegiance is unconstitutional.

WorldNetDaily: ‘Under God’ under fire

No Mr. Falwell, America is actually experiencing a different hostile takeover, an advancing conquest by abject religious people who believe ? and demand ? that our nation should be a religion-full zone that stifles all public expression that is neutral and inclusive concerning all religious belief. Newdow’s lawsuit is just the natural reaction to being forced to say One Nation, Under God and have In God We Trust forced upon every citizen.

We don’t want One Nation, Under Allah or even One Nation, Without God. We just want One Nation, Indivisible in such a way that is truly indivisible. Even those that believe in God are divided over which God and if he had a son or not. Let this God stay around in government where he is now and he’ll just march right in and start barking orders. But you’d like that, wouldn’t you?

Yes, some of the founders of this country were deeply religious, but not all of them were. The one common trait they all had was that they were all white males. Wouldn’t that mean it’d be even more historically important to say One Nation of White Males?

Why do the religious fight so hard for something to be said by everyone if they say it isn’t important for everyone to say it? Nobody is saying prayer should be outlawed or proclamations of faith silenced. If you tacked an “Amen!” to the end of a Pledge of Allegiance that doesn’t mention God then jackbooted thugs would not march in to drag you away. Nobody would ever advocate that sort of infringement on freedom of religion.

I’d support your right to tack on whatever personal religious phrase you want to when reciting the pledge publically. I just don’t want to be told that the official pledge to my country places our nation under a God that I just don’t believe in.

Text of President Bush’s radio address

This week, we’ve all been humbled by the awesome powers of Mother Nature.

Text of President Bush’s radio address

President Bush, the country’s top Christian and believer in faith-based help, had only his closing line of his radio address speak of God: May God bless you and may God continue to bless our country. If this was an example of a blessing, his damned God can keep it.

The devastation of Hurricane Katrina is attributed to “Mother Nature.” I don’t remember reading about her in the Christian Bible. I thought the mythical God was supposed to be the all-powerful one. Why didn’t the President stick to the fairy tale and let us know that God unleashed death and destruction on the region? Why didn’t he say they must have all been sinners since the good Christians were most certainly saved?

He must just want a nice and good God. But a nice and good God would have prevented this, right? Does he call to God for help and use the awesome power of prayer to solve this crisis? Isn’t that the best and most powerful response from a true believer? No, he calls on human help and human resources because he knows when there is a real crisis only humanity can help humanity. He doesn’t call the churches. He calls FEMA and the military.

It’s times like this that we do hear a few people call for a moment of prayer in desperation. These people sadden me. Don’t waste a single moment on praying to your God that is the same God that you should be blaming for doing this, just roll up your sleeves and lend a hand!

You can lend a little money if you can’t directly lend a hand to help. It’s better than giving over your money to a collection plate to support a self-serving religion that works their hardest to promote themselves and their dogma of complete bullshit. What does that bullshit accomplish in a real crisis like this? Nothing!

We are all truly equal in this mysterious Universe at a time like this. Believers of a certain fairy tale receive no special treatments by the Universe. Hopefully this is just another way the Universe can give everyone a wake-up call to reality and the fact that belief or nonbelief in a fictional God means NOTHING in the grand scheme of things. The only way you can be saved is by the helping hand of humanity. The hand of God doesn’t deliver anyone from misery. Don’t thank God… thank the helicopter crew.